Bridal Styling for LGBTQ Weddings
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If you’re having trouble deciding how to co-ordinate your styling for an LGBTQ wedding, you’re not alone! The so-called ‘rules’ for wedding looks have loosened up, especially for same sex weddings. And, while that gives you a lot of freedom to wear whatever makes you feel amazing, it can also leave you wondering where to start. Do you want to match or wear completely different outfits? What about your hair and makeup? And what’s the best way to walk the line between being wedding-appropriate and expressing your personal styles? Read on for some top tips, as well as plenty of beautiful wedding styling inspiration from the Make Me Bridal hair and makeup pros.

Bridal Styling for LGBTQ Weddings
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Start with your wedding style. Whether it’s ballroom or bohemian, the best place to start in determining your individual looks is with the overall vibe of your wedding. It isn’t just about a theme or colour scheme. It’s also about the general tone. What style is your venue? What season will it be? What is the dress code for the guests? Knowing this information will automatically help you narrow down your choices.

Bridal Styling for LGBTQ Weddings
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It's a match! One option that same sex couples choose is matching outfits, although this is more common for two grooms than two brides. This is because it can be harder to find one dress that suits two different shapes and styles. Pantsuits or jumpsuits can be a good option if this is a look you love. But beyond the dress, there are other ways to match. For example, you could wear the same accessory like a flower crown, veil, or headpiece, or matching shoes. Hair and makeup can be another way to match more subtly, with twin hairstyles or makeup looks like a red lip or bright pops of colour on the eyes. Hiring the same makeup artist to work on both of you will ensure continuity without having to see each other on the wedding morning (if that’s what you prefer).

Bridal Styling for LGBTQ Weddings
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Bridal Styling for LGBTQ Weddings
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Cool coordination. Another popular option is to have complementary but not identical outfits or styles. This allows you to create a cohesive visual without being too similar. For example, two brides could wear different dresses or outfits in the same colour or with the same feature like a v-neckline, lace sleeves, or a bow. Or you could choose the same style (like bohemian or Art Deco inspired). For your hair styles, one of you could rock soft waves while the other sports a messy updo. Or you could both incorporate braids in different styles.

Bridal Styling for LGBTQ Weddings
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Bridal Styling for LGBTQ Weddings
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Free styling.  None of this is to say that your outfits have to coordinate or match at all! In fact, you can each choose any outfit as well as hair and makeup style that you love. If you have very different everyday styles, this is a good way to go, as neither of you wants to feel ‘not yourself’ on such an important day. So you might wear completely different gowns, one of you a dress and one a tux or suit, or dresses of different lengths. It’s completely up to you. You could either use different hair and makeup artists specialising in different styles, or work with the same pro, but give them different briefs. Be sure to both get a hair and makeup trial to nail those looks before the big day.

Bridal Styling for LGBTQ Weddings
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When it comes right down to it, the most important thing is that this is YOUR wedding day. As long as both of you feel comfortable and beautiful, it will show in every photograph!