A Stylish 1930s Wedding in Somerset

In the heart of picturesque Somerset, Alyson and Dan's wedding unfolded like a dream. Bathed in the warm glow of a summer sun, their celebration embodied simple 1930s glamour, with a dusty blue colour palette and elegant pearl-dripped candlesticks.

Dillington House, an example of Elizabethan architecture, offered the perfect backdrop for a minimalistic celebration that let the venue's charm speak for itself.

Alyson connected with her Make Me Bridal pro hair stylist, Lizzy Jarrett from Elizabeth Jarrett Hairdressing, through recommendations. A long-lasting friendship and professional relationship bloomed, and the bride booked Lizzy two full years before her wedding! Alyson and her best friend, Laura, even modelled for a styled shoot Lizzy organized in September 2022.

Elizabeth Jarrett Hairdressing creating the bride's exquisite hairstyle and securing her veil.

For Alyson’s hair, Lizzy took on the challenge of creating a vintage 1930s-inspired hairstyle that exuded clean and classic sophistication. Given Alyson's luxuriously thick hair, precision was paramount.

Lizzy crafted a masterpiece, beginning with a striking focal point at the front, with finger waves that framed the bride's face. This flowed seamlessly into a classic vertical roll with delicate pin curls. Lizzy's technique involved the strategic use of gel spray and volume powder to ensure the style held its volume and sleekness throughout the day, with the finishing touch being her trusty TIGI Bed Head 'Masterpiece' hairspray, which held everything together with a beautiful shine.

Bride surrounded by her joyful bridesmaids, radiating vintage charm.

The four bridesmaids wore their hair down, styled with soft, flowing vintage waves, complementing Alyson's classic bridal look and the wedding's 1930s-inspired theme. The result was a harmonious blend of vintage glamour and modern sophistication, a testament to Lizzy's artistry and Alyson's vision for her special day.

Of working on this wedding, Lizzy says: “Aly’s wedding was so much fun. It was one of my favourites of my career. Her wedding choices complimented her vibrant and fun personality perfectly. And her wedding photos are spectacular; it’s like the photos come to life because they are a true reflection of how amazing she is.”

The bride and groom, with the bride holding a stunning blue and white bouquet.

Elizabeth Jarrett Hairdressing is an award-winning bridal hairstylist based in Yeovil, Somerset, who is passionate about crafting traditional, contemporary, and innovative wedding hairstyles.

Her approach to hair styling is always bespoke, with a commitment to tailoring each look to the individual bride. Whether your hair is long, short, fine, or full, Lizzy's expertise ensures a hairstyle that enhances your natural beauty, reflecting your personality on your special day. You can see her profile here.

A heartwarming close-up of the beaming bride and groom.

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