At MakeMeBridal, we are constantly being asked for our opinions on the best pink lipsticks.


Brides love rocking pink lipstick on their wedding day, but not all are created equal, and some don't even stand up to the test of an entire wedding day!


The best bridal pink lipsticks offer long-lasting wear, comfortable formulation, and a shade that complements the wearer's natural colouring. They must endure hours of smiling, eating, drinking, and the inevitable kissing without needing constant touch-ups.
(That's not to say you shouldn't have your makeup squad ready for action when needed!).


After much thought, we have narrowed our favourites to 6 of the best pink lipsticks for brides in 2024!...


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Our Top 6 Pink Bridal Lipsticks for 2024


Finding the perfect shade of pink lipstick is pivotal to completing a bride's look in preparation for the big day.


Through years of makeup trial and error, we have decided on a selection of the finest pink bridal lipsticks that offer long-lasting wear, flattering hues, and comfortable formulations.


Whether you prefer a soft, subtle sheen or a bold, matte finish, our picks will surely cater to diverse tastes and wedding themes.


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KIKO Milano Pink Glow


KIKO Milano Pink Glow


We have fallen in love with KIKO, and especially this lipstick.


Wow! This lipstick is a must-have for brides seeking a personalised pop of pink with hydrating benefits.




  • A personalised pink shade that changes with your pH level
  • Pretty, bridal-friendly colors
  • Smooth, creamy texture
  • Long-lasting, transfer-proof formula
  • Moisturizing and comfortable on lips




  • Colours can pull darker on some skin tones.
  • Lipsticks are smaller than expected
  • Can be drying for some


KIKO Milano's Pink Glow Lipstick has become a staple in our bridal makeup kit. It's more than just a colour; it's an experience. As soon as it touches your lips, the magic begins. The pH reactive formula adapts to your own chemistry, creating a custom shade of pink that seems as if it was designed just for you. It's remarkable how it enhances the natural hue of the lips, adding a subtle radiance without overwhelming.


The texture is another aspect we adore; creamy and emollient, it feels like a treat every time we apply. The lipstick glides on with the same indulgent comfort as a high-end lip balm but with the staying power of a stain. There's no tug or pull—just smooth, buildable coverage that can take us from a sheer wash of colour to a more striking pink that stands out beautifully against a white bridal dress.


While we cherish the tailor-made tint and luxurious feel, it's worth noting that it's not a traditional lipstick. Those expecting a bold, dramatic look might find it too understated. And though it hydrates initially, reapplication becomes necessary to maintain moisture throughout a long wedding day. Consistency can also vary; the resulting colour may differ with each application because it reacts to our unique skin pH.


Despite a few considerations, KIKO Milano's Pink Glow Lipstick exceeds our expectations for a bridal lipstick. It offers personalized pink perfection with each swipe, ensuring every bride feels uniquely beautiful on her special day.


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Rom&nd Dewyful Water Tint


Rom&nd Dewyful Water Tint Lip Gloss


We believe this lip tint is an excellent choice for brides looking for a subtle pop of colour and long-lasting moisture that feels as good as it looks.




  • Glides on with a light and sheer touch, perfect for a natural bridal look
  • Provides a durable glossy finish without any sticky residue
  • Moisturizes the lips beautifully, enhancing their texture




  • Colour may appear less vibrant than expected on pigmented lips
  • Some may find the glossy effect diminishes quicker than anticipated
  • Shade variety is limited for those desiring more options


When we applied the Rom&nd & Dewyful Water Tint , we appreciated the delicate texture that felt hydrating without any tackiness. Its lightweight formula seemed to meld with the natural lip, providing a hint of Custard Mauve that complemented our bridal makeup effortlessly.


As we progressed through the day, we noticed the gentle yet resilient sheen it lent our lips. Despite the flurry of congratulations and customary sipping of champagne, the gloss maintained its presence, subtly retreating yet never fully relinquishing its pretty sheen.


We wholeheartedly recommend this lip tint for any bride aiming to balance elegance and comfort. It truly lives up to its promise of a 'dewyful' finish, making the lips the soft focus of any bridal visage. Definitely worth considering and a mainstay in our makeup bag!


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Urban Decay Pink Vice


Urban Decay Vice Lipstick


We think you'll adore the Urban Decay Vice Matte Lipstick for its sumptuously smooth application and lasting vegan formula that's perfect for any wedding day.




  • Glides on effortlessly, leaving a rich matte finish
  • Sturdy wear; doesn't fade after hours of smiling and sipping
  • Compliments all skin tones with its universally flattering pink hue




  • Matte texture may not be ideal for those preferring glossy finishes
  • The packaging could be more user-friendly!
  • More pigmented than a sheer finish, as some may expect


Urban Decay never disappoints when it comes to delivering luxurious, long-wearing lipstick, and their Vice Matte Lipstick in this stunning shade of pink is no exception. I've just had the pleasure to wear it at my friend's wedding, and it certainly stood up to the challenge of the day's festivities. Its creamy texture allows for smooth application, effectively coating the lips with vibrant, matte colour.


We've noticed how the lipstick's formulation seems to complement all skin types, which means those endless hours spent searching for the perfect pink that doesn't overwhelm your natural beauty are finally over. The fact that it's a vegan formula adds another tick to the checklist for our ethically-conscious brides.


While we're swept away by its extensive staying power—seriously, from morning mimosas to evening farewells—it doesn't over-dry the lips, which is often a concern with matte products. That said, if you covet a bit of shine, a superficial layer of gloss over this lipstick could give you the best of both worlds! Might be worth a try!


It's not often a product lives up to the wedding day stress test, but Urban Decay's Vice Matte Lipstick in pink not only survived but thrived. Despite a few niggles about the packaging, this lipstick with its luxurious feel and impressive longevity is an ideal choice for your special day.


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Charlotte's Secret Salma Lipstick


Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick


We recommend this lipstick for its hydrating formula and the sophisticated pop of colour that elevates any bridal look.




  • Hydrating and softening on the lips
  • Rich pigment with a lit-from-within glow
  • Resilient wear of up to 10 hours




  • Premium pricing may be a barrier for some
  • Requires reapplication after eating or drinking
  • Matte finish might not suit those who prefer a sheen


As soon as we applied Charlotte Tilbury's Secret Salma, the creamy texture glided effortlessly onto our lips, leaving them feeling pampered and soft thanks to the Orchid extract in the formula. It's immediately apparent that this lipstick is crafted to not just colour but care for the delicate skin of the lips, making it an excellent choice for a bridal lipstick that has to endure a full day's celebration.


The intense pigment of Secret Salma gave us that sought-after full coverage with just one swipe. We were impressed by the 3D glowing pigments that seem to capture light, creating an understated elegance perfect for a wedding day. It's a shade that instils confidence as it stays put, helping to reduce the need for constant touch-ups amid the day's festivities.


After hours of wear, this product continued to impress us with its staying power. Although it held up through drinks, a touch-up post-meal was necessary to maintain the perfection we desire for a wedding event. The matte finish remained impeccable but didn't dry out our lips, a testament to the quality ingredients that keep moisture locked in. We found that the Secret Salma shade is versatile enough for various skin tones, enriching every wearer with its universally flattering pink hue.


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Clinique Sweet Pop


Clinique POP lip colour + primer #09-sweet pop 3.9 g


We find this lipstick to be an excellent choice for any bride seeking a classic pink shade with the added benefits of a primer.




  • The hue is extremely flattering across a variety of skin tones.
  • Its formula is hydrating, making it comfortable for long wear.
  • The lipstick's staying power is commendable, lasting through many an hour.




  • Those with very dry lips might need additional moisture, despite its hydrating properties.
  • It may not be the best choice for brides preferring a matte finish.
  • Some may find the colour fades slightly after eating or drinking, needing touch-ups.


The moment this Clinique Sweet Pop graced our lips, the creamy texture was apparent. It's not just a pop of colour; it imparts a luscious feel, making the lips look plump and wedding photo-ready. Bridal makeup often requires staying power, and this product does not disappoint. From the first smile to the last dance, the lipstick holds its own, with minor touch-ups needed, which is quite reasonable on such a bustling day.


The colour—oh, the colour! It's a divine shade of pink that manages to be both vibrant and understated, perfect for those candid shots where every detail counts. It's the sort of shade that complements a vast array of skin tones, adding a touch of elegance without overshadowing the rest of the bridal ensemble.


After a day filled with countless moments, we noticed that despite its hydrating formula, some might wish for a bit more moisture—perhaps owing to the inbuilt primer that focuses on longevity. And while the finish is velvety, it’s not matte, which might sway those who favour an ultra-matte pout. The colour did require a bit of a touch-up post-celebratory meals, but that is a small price for maintaining the perfect bridal smile.


In conclusion, Clinique Sweet Pop lipstick promises to be a bridal bag essential, ensuring smiles are both captivating and colour-rich throughout the special day.


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KIKO Milano Pink Bridal Lipstick


KIKO Milano Pink Bridal Lipstick


In our quest for the perfect pink bridal lipstick, we've discovered a gem that combines long wear with a luxurious feel.




  • Offers up to 10 hours of lasting colour, ideal for long wedding celebrations
  • Creamy formula glides on smoothly, providing a weightless feel
  • Demi-matte finish gives a sophisticated look without drying the lips




  • May require re-application after eating or drinking to maintain intensity
  • Stick size is smaller than some might expect
  • Colour may vary slightly from promotional images


Our latest indulgence is the KIKO Milano Unlimited Stylo 05, a lipstick that truly understands the needs of a blushing bride. The delicate shade of light mauve it offers is the epitome of bridal elegance, complementing the natural lip colour with just enough depth to make a statement.


On application, the creamy texture feels like luxury, as if the lips are being conditioned while they're being coloured. The formula's staying power is impressive, ensuring that through sips of champagne and congratulatory kisses, the colour remains steadfast.


However, an important note for brides: ensure you keep the lipstick close at hand. Although the longevity is commendable, the joy of indulging in a wedding feast may necessitate a quick touch-up to sustain the boldness of the hue.


As we explore the versatility of this little marvel, we find it works harmoniously with the creamy texture to create a flawless look that speaks of nothing but love and commitment. It's a reassuring companion for any bride wishing to look her best from the walk down the aisle to the final dance.


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MMB Pink Bridal Lipstick Buying Guide


When selecting the best pink bridal lipstick for our special day, we must consider a variety of factors to ensure the choice complements both our style and the occasion.


Shade Variation


The shade of pink must match our skin tone and the wedding's theme. Here's a simple breakdown:


Skin Tone Suggested Pink Shade
Fair Soft, light pinks
Medium Rose-hued pinks
Olive Coral-pink hybrids
Darker Complexions Vibrant, deep pinks


Texture and Finish


Texture impacts the lipstick's feel and longevity, while finish contributes to the overall look.


  • Matte: Offers a flat, non-shiny finish; long-lasting.
  • Cream: Gives a smooth application; a balance of sheen and matte.
  • Shimmer: Includes a sparkle that reflects light.
  • Glossy: High shine with a wet, hydrating feel.


Ingredients and Quality


It's vital to check for moisturising agents like Vitamin E and natural oils that help keep our lips hydrated. Avoid harmful chemicals such as parabens and phthalates. You don't want to end up with dry, cracked lips on your wedding day!


Formulation and Performance


  • Long-lasting: Ensures the lipstick stays throughout the event... and after!
  • Transfer-resistant: Reduces smudges on clothes or skin.
  • Pigmentation: A highly pigmented lipstick will provide bold, more opaque coverage.
  • Comfort: The lipstick should feel comfortable on your lips, without becoming dry or cakey over time.


Now that you know which Pink Lipsticks we think are the best for 2024, hopefully, your big-day choices will come a little easier!


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