Do I Need a Wedding Hair or Makeup Trial?
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One of the questions we regularly get from brides-to-be is: “Do I need to have a wedding hair or makeup trial?” And our answer is always the same: YES! While a professional trial can seem like a luxury or an unnecessary added expense, it’s actually an important part of the process of ensuring you look your best on your big day. After all, you wouldn’t try on your wedding dress for the first time on the day! Similarly, a hair and makeup trial can help to bring any potential problems to light, narrow down your likes and dislikes, and ultimately give you the peace of mind of knowing you’ll look and feel amazing. But what exactly makes a trial so important? Here are 5 key factors.

Do I Need a Wedding Hair or Makeup Trial?
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A trial is a chance to get comfortable with your hair and makeup artist. It’s one thing if you’re working with a hair stylist or makeup artist that you’ve known for years. But for many brides, you won’t have met your bridal artist before. A trial not only allows you to check out their work but also gives you a chance to get to know them a bit. Remember that your bridal hair and makeup artist is one of the people you will spend most time with on the morning of your wedding. You want to make sure that they put you at ease and make you feel like you’re in safe hands.

Do I Need a Wedding Hair or Makeup Trial?
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A trial determines if the style you want is viable. Professional hair and makeup artists will always do everything they can to ensure their client achieves the look they want, especially if they have a very specific style in mind. However, it’s not always possible. Sometimes your hair texture or skin type isn’t compatible with a style. Sometimes it simply doesn’t suit your face shape. A trial gives you the chance to discuss (and sometimes try out) other options and solutions to get the overall look you want.

Do I Need a Wedding Hair or Makeup Trial?
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A trial saves you time (and stress) on your wedding day. The schedule for the big day tends to be very tight and can be easily derailed by an unexpected delay, leaving your groom checking his watch at the altar. Knowing ahead of time that you and your pro artist are on the same page will save lots of time and worry on the day. You’ll be able to get ready without rushing and be completely calm, cool and coifed by the time you make it to the church (on time!).

Do I Need a Wedding Hair or Makeup Trial?
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A trial will help you avoid any nasty surprises. Many bridal makeup artists work with hypoallergenic products, but even so, it’s possible that you can have a reaction to a specific ingredient in a hair or makeup product. The last thing you want is to only discover this on the big day. A hair and makeup trial will eliminate the chance of this happening.

Do I Need a Wedding Hair or Makeup Trial?
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A trial will help you finalise your complete look. Sometimes, a bride has a very clear idea of the style of hair and makeup she wants, her accessories, and how they will all work together. However, many brides have a sense of the general look they want to create but aren’t completely sure of how everything will work together. If you’re debating between hair up or hair down, veil or no veil, natural or glam, or some other bridal style conundrum, a trial will help you nail down all the details.

Do I Need a Wedding Hair or Makeup Trial?
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