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While many brides opt for a natural, fresh-faced look on their big day, others prefer to rock a red lip as part of their signature look. And why not? Red lips are a classic for a reason! Whether it’s an extension of your everyday look or something special for he occasion, there’s nothing like a punchy crimson pout to add confidence and glamour. But what’s the best way to pull it off? Is there anything you should avoid? Here are our guidelines for wearing a bold bridal lip on your wedding day (along with some gorgeous inspiration from the Make Me Bridal makeup pros!).

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Pick the right shade. The most important thing about choosing a red lipstick is finding a shade that’s just right for your skin tone. There is a whole spectrum of reds, and each has cool or warm undertones that will make it look completely different on different brides. For example, a fair complexion often does better with a cool, blue-based red, while orange tones suit an olive skin. Consult with your makeup artist and always try a red lipstick on before you buy it.

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Keep it in place. The biggest challenge with a red lip is keeping it looking fresh, and not getting everywhere! Luckily, there are some steps your bridal makeup artist can take to create a long-lasting lip. This normally means: priming the lips by exfoliating and moisturizing, applying a matching liner all over the lips, layering the lipstick with a lip brush, using concealer to achieve a sharply defined outline, and finally setting it all in place with a quality fixing spray. Your makeup artist will be able to give you specific maintenance advice, but this might include carrying a mini lip brush in your clutch, and sipping your drinks through paper straws if possible. You could also choose to switch it up and pop one on for the reception, once all the eating and kissing and speeches are done. Just as some brides change into a second gown for dancing, a red lip will take your look from daytime glow to nighttime glam in one easy move!

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Keep the rest of your look simple and elegant. To really make your red lips pop, keep the rest of your makeup as natural and subtle as possible. You should also consider other elements, like the bouquet, your dress, and any accessories.

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Own it. The truth is that everyone can pull off a red lip. The secret to executing it with style all boils down to confidence! If you’ve never worn a bold lip before, or have niggling doubts about wearing it with pride, your wedding day may not be the best day to try it out. But if you do, own it!

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