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As the chill sets in, winter weddings are our radar. Winter sets the scene for a special day amidst the frosty landscape, and as a winter bride, you'll sparkle and shine. To assist all the beautiful brides tying the knot in this magical season to get that that perfect, radiant look, we've compiled five fabulous beauty tips that will ensure you glow gorgeously on your big day, along with inspiration from the Make Me Bridal pros.

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Hydration Is Key

Winter often equals dry skin, so in the realm of winter weddings, hydration is the beauty mantra you need to combat the chilly weather. Start from the inside out by drinking plenty of water throughout the day. For your skin, choose products that incorporate hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid and glycerin to incorporate into your routine. Couple these with a rich, nourishing moisturiser that’s a bit heavier than your summer staple to keep your skin supple and dewy. Finally, don't forget your lip care routine to avoid chapped lips and ensure that perfect ‘I do’ kiss.

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Primed and Perfect

A flawless bridal makeup look starts with the perfect base. Start with a primer that both hydrates and evens out your skin. Then, to achieve that flawless, natural look, follow it up with a foundation that matches your skin tone (bearing in mind any colour shift from summer to winter in your skin – you may need to go a shade or two lighter), blending it seamlessly with a brush, beauty blender, or your fingers. A little secret from the pros is to mix a touch of highlighter with your foundation for that subtle winter glow. Of course, a professional makeup artist will be able to help you create a flawless, glowy base that will last all day long.

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Embrace Warm Tones in Makeup

To resonate with the winter ambience, get your makeup artist to incorporate warm and rich tones into your makeup palette. Think earthy eyeshadow shades like copper, gold, or deep browns. These hues can add depth and warmth to your eyes, perfectly in sync with the season.

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Bold and Beautiful Lips

Winter calls for a touch of drama! Don't shy away from bold lip colours that complement the winter vibes. Red, plum, or even deep berry shades can be your go-to for a stunning winter bridal look. Pair your pout with a lip liner to prevent smudging and ensure a long-lasting, kissable pout.

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Hair Flair

Your hair deserves all the love it can get in the winter months. Keep your tresses luscious and healthy by deep conditioning regularly. For your wedding day, consider hairstyles that work well with the winter elements, such as elegant updos or romantic loose curls. Accessorise with hairpieces like pearl-studded clips or delicate floral hairpins for that extra touch of winter elegance.

Stunning winter bride with an elegant updo hairstyle
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Winter weddings hold a unique charm, and your beauty routine should reflect that. From radiant skin to mesmerising makeup and stunning hairdos, the tips above will ensure you look and feel your best as you walk down the aisle.

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