10 Things to Do the Week of Your Wedding
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After months of planning, prepping, and wedmin, the moment to say “I do” is finally here. Well, almost.

With just seven days to go before the big one, it’s time to tick off the last of the items on your checklist, start welcoming out-of-town guests, and enjoy your last moments as a single person.

Remembering things to do before your wedding is a headache in itself!

Inevitably, there will be last-minute hiccups and ducks that need to be got in a row, but if you’ve done most of the work ahead of time (or enlisted the help of a professional wedding planner), the week of your wedding can be a memorable and joyous rather than a stressful one. It’s all in the planning and mindset!

Follow along for some priceless wedding week advice...

10 Things to Do the Week of Your Wedding
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Our Top 10 Things to Do the Week of Your Wedding

To ensure you walk down the aisle elated rather than exhausted, make sure to plan ahead, follow our guide, and enjoy your special moment!

Here are 10 things you need to do the week of your wedding...

Take Time Off Work

It’s always a good idea to take at least 2-3 days off work before your wedding, although a full week is best It’s not just about booking leave, though. Be sure that you’ve tied up any loose ends before you go, so that you don’t have work tasks hanging over your head and distracting you.


Make Final Wedding Payments

Most wedding suppliers will have requested final payment ahead of the final week, but if there are any payments outstanding, be sure to take care of them before the day.


Check-in with Your Wedding Suppliers

It’s always a good idea to chat to your team to ensure you’ve covered everything and that they know exactly where they should be and when. These days, it’s also helpful to know that everyone is healthy and no last-minute replacements or standbys need to be found in case of positive COVID tests.


Create a Wedding Timeline

It’s so important to create a timeline for the day that your suppliers can follow, to ensure you’re all on the same page. This is especially important for your hair and makeup artist and photographer. Make sure to send the final version around to all vendors as well as the bridal party, and have a few printed copies on hand. TOP TIP: At the same time, compile a list of contact information for all your service providers and send this to everyone who might need it.


Put together a Wedding Emergency Kit

Ever heard of a Wedding Day Emergency Kit?


Well, everyone needs this handy little kit on hand to tackle any little emergencies that pop up through the day. You can find our full list of what to include in your Wedding Day Emergency Kit here!


Take Care of Your Final Beauty Treatments

The week of the wedding is the time to book your final appointments, including massage, manicure, pedicure, spray tan, and eyelash extensions. VERY IMPORTANT: This list does NOT include facials and other major beauty treatments that can cause your skin to break out. It also should not include your final haircut or colour, unless you have very short hair or a fringe that needs a tiny trim.


10 Things to Do the Week of Your Wedding
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Check the Weather Forecast

We all know how unpredictable the British weather can be, so it’s important to check the latest forecasts in the week before your wedding. If you don’t already have a backup plan in case of wind, rain, or extreme heat, be sure to work one out with your planner or supplier team.


Finalise Your Vows and/or Speech

If you’re writing all or some of your vows, then it’s not a bad idea to wait until the week before your wedding to create the final draft. This is when your emotions will be at their height, and it’ll come through in your prose. Don’t leave it until the day of the wedding, though!



Make Time for Self-Care

Even though the week before your wedding can get a little crazy, it’s so important to prioritise the little things that will maintain your physical and mental wellness. Take some time out to do something you enjoy, whether that’s going for a run or running a hot bath. Meditate or practice mindfulness to combat any jitters. Drink plenty of water. Eat clean. And, most importantly, get enough sleep!


Spend Time With Your Partner! 

In the middle of everything, it’s easy to lose sight of the reason for all of this celebration – your relationship! Try to put aside some time for just the two of you, even if it’s just a brunch or date night. And make sure you have at least one conversation each day that’s not about the wedding!


And remember... If you need any help or assistance during this stressful time, or need some help planning out all the things to do before your wedding, we are always here to help at MakeMeBridal!

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