Wedding hair and makeup trends have been constantly evolving over the years. From bohemian braids to glamorous updos, every year has brought a fresh take on bridal beauty. As we move into the future, it's fascinating to consider what new and exciting trends could emerge. Here are a few possible future trends of bridal hair and makeup.

Natural beauty

The natural look has been popular in recent years, and this trend is likely to continue into the future. Brides may opt for minimal makeup, with a focus on enhancing their natural beauty. This look can be achieved by using neutral shades, light coverage foundation, and subtle contouring.

Photo by Charlotte Bryer Ash, Hair by Frances Moore HMUA

For hair, loose waves and messy buns will be in trend. Hair accessories will be minimalistic, and brides will prefer to go for natural flowers instead of rhinestone and blingy hair accessories.

Image credit: Hair by Catia

Bold colours

While natural beauty will remain popular, brides who want to make a statement may opt for bold, bright colours. We may see brides using vibrant eyeshadow, coloured eyeliner, or bright lipstick to add a pop of colour to their look. This trend could be particularly popular in spring and summer weddings.

Photography by Vladana Parker, Makeup by Joanne Hook Makeup Artistry

Bold colours in hair will be in trend too. Hair colouring will become more popular among brides with shades of pastel colours like pink, peach, lavender, pale blue, and mint green. Brides will also opt for temporary hair colours for a more fun and experimental look.

Photo by Makeup by Fi Farrelly

Geometric shapes

Geometric shapes in makeup can add an edgy and modern touch to a bridal look. For instance, a bride might use sharp angles and lines in their eyebrows or eyeliner, to create a minimalist look. This trend can be combined with the dewy makeup trend for a fresh and modern look.

Makeup by Quelle Bester

In hair, brides may opt for sleek and sharp haircuts like bobs and asymmetrical haircuts. We may also see geometrical shapes and patterns incorporated in braids and updos.

Hair by Love your hair Cassandra


As we move into the future, technology will play a bigger role in bridal beauty. For instance, brides may use augmented reality to try on makeup looks before their wedding day. They may also use virtual reality to try on different hairstyles.

Technology will also be used in hair extensions to make them more seamless and natural-looking. High tech heat styling tools that are less damaging to hair will be more in demand. The tech industry could change the game of bridal beauty industry and it will be interesting to see how it evolves.

Photo by Through The Woods We Ran, Hair by Story Hair and Makeup


With increasing awareness of climate change and sustainability, brides will opt for eco-friendly makeup and hair products. Clean beauty will be in trend, with brides choosing organic and natural products that are gentle on their skin and hair. This will include makeup and hair products made of clean and vegan ingredients, packaging with eco-friendly material.

Photo by Jean Marc, Hair & Makeup by Laura Anne Hair & Makeup Designer

There are many exciting possibilities for the future of bridal hair and makeup. Whether it's a natural look or bold and edgy, the trends of the future will likely reflect our values and the advancements of the world. Brides will have endless options to choose from, and they will certainly look stunning on their special day.

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