How to Choose Your Wedding Day Perfume

There’s no doubt that scent has the power to trigger strong memories, especially emotional ones. In fact, scientists have found that the way our sense of smell is wired to our brain is unique among the senses, creating a direct shortcut between scents and our emotions and memories. Of course, it only makes sense that on your wedding day, one of the most important events of your life, you would want to remember every moment as vividly as possible and scent can help you do that. From the flowers in your bouquet to the scented candles placed around your venue, fragrance can be a wonderful way to transport yourself back to the big day. That’s why it’s also important to choose a perfume that will bring back those wedding morning butterflies every time you sniff it. But should you choose a brand new scent, one you have worn before, or a tried-and-true signature fragrance? And how do you go about choosing your wedding day perfume from the hundreds on offer? Read on for all our top tips.

Figure out your personal fragrance profile. The thing about scent is that it’s very much an individual thing. Each of us has different preferences and perfumes also smell different on different people. So the best place to start is with what you already love. Take a look at the scents you already enjoy wearing and which fragrance families they follow or qualities they share. This will help you choose a few central notes such as floral, woody, chypre or citrus. Be guided by your gut in deciding which scents you feel a connection to, rather than trends or any other factors.

How to Choose Your Wedding Day Perfume
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Consider your bridal style and season. Another factor that might influence your choice of wedding day perfume is your bridal style and that of your wedding in general. Is it wild and romantic, elegant and refined, or bold and modern, for example? Align your fragrance choice to the kind of bride you’ll be, so that it enhances your overall look and vibe. Season can also play a role. For example, a fresh, light scent is perfect for the warmer months while a heavier or spicier one may be more appropriate for autumn or winter brides. You may even want to consider the symbolism of the perfume’s name or ingredients, although whether you actually love the scent should always be the key deciding factor.

Opt for a twist on the familiar. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with wearing the perfume you love and wear every day on your wedding day too. However, many brides want something different that will be a little bit more special and that can be spritzed on later to evoke those memories. For the best of both worlds, choose a fragrance that’s a twist on your go-to. You can do this either by customising your scent with complementary notes to create a unique signature fragrance (some high-end perfumiers offer this service) or by choosing a variant or special edition of the perfume you usually wear.

How to Choose Your Wedding Day Perfume
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Layer your fragrance. For a decadent and long-lasting scent experience, don’t just buy the perfume of your choice but instead splash out on some matching products like  scented lotion. This will help to layer the scent. It’s also a good idea to top up once or twice through the day, so be sure to give a bottle to your bridesmaid for safe-keeping.

Take your time. Even if you fall in love at first sniff with a new scent, it’s a good idea to wait before buying it, especially if you have been sampling others. This isn’t a decision to be rushed! Allow the scent to settle on your own skin, and pay attention to the base notes as they emerge to be sure you still like the smell. It’s also a good idea to run the perfume by your partner to see his or her reaction – after all,  you want them to love it too! Even once you buy the perfume, don’t wait until your wedding day. Give it a few trial runs (at your dress fitting, for example).

Happy perfume shopping!

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