Small, intimate weddings are trending at the moment – and it’s not just because of social distancing restrictions. In fact, micro weddings were already on the rise before COVID-19, and with many couples forced to re-imagine their big days, they look set to be popular for some time to come. And why not? There are lots of advantages to having a small intimate wedding. For example, with a bite-size wedding you can focus on creating a more personal celebration, and spending more time with your guests. There’s also the sense of privacy it offers, as well as some options to save money (although a small wedding isn’t necessarily a low budget one). Whatever your reason for choosing an intimate wedding, cutting down the numbers doesn’t mean you’ll have anything less of a celebration.

But how small is small? And what do terms like micro wedding actually mean? For couples opting for a bijoux celebration, there are actually a number of options. One is an elopement – a ‘just us two’ wedding that may or may not be a secret. In light of Coronavirus restrictions, there’s also the minimony, where couples have a tiny celebration for a maximum of 10-15 people followed by a larger ‘sequel wedding’ in the future. Then there’s the micro wedding, a traditional wedding on a smaller scale, for up to 50 people. And, of course, some couples opt for a small wedding of 50-100 guests. Finding the sweet spot is completely up to you (in line with government restrictions, of course).

Here are five ways to plan a small intimate wedding that’s just as epic as a big one!

Edit your guest list carefully. Keeping the numbers low means only inviting your nearest and dearest and being incredibly selective. That probably means immediate family and your closest friends only. Start with your inner circle and work outwards, asking yourself when last you spoke to someone and whether they are a must-have rather than a nice-to-have attending. The good news is that with a small wedding, you’re less likely to cause hurt feelings to those who don’t make the cut.

Splurge on the details that matter to you (and ditch the traditions that don’t). One of the best things about a lower head count is that you can spoil your guests and spend more of your budget on luxury personal details. Think about what means the most to you. For example, if you’re foodies, you may want to splash on a multi-course tasting menu. Or maybe it’s flowers, music, entertainment, or special stationery that makes you feel excited. It’s all about creating the experience you want. And that means dropping any traditions you don’t care for, like dancing or throwing the bouquet.

Open up your venue search. When planning a small intimate wedding, you have a lot more flexibility in your choice of venue. Think outside of the wedding venue box, like a library, a garden, or a gallery. At-home celebrations are another option to consider, as are destination weddings.

Get creative with seating. With fewer guests, it’s important to create a feeling of intimacy. One way to do this is with a ceremony in the round or by setting up a spiral aisle. A standing ceremony is another option. At the reception, too, you can be creative with seating. A single long table with family style dining is always a great option for a small intimate wedding.

Invest in your hair and makeup. No matter the size, this is still your wedding day and you want to look and feel your most beautiful! Even if you’re having an elopement with just the two of you present, we’d recommend booking a hair and makeup artist, as well as a photographer. It’ll make the day feel extra special, and you’ll have gorgeous pics to share with family and friends who couldn’t be there.

Top image by Westlake Photography, Hair & Makeup by Amazing Face Dorset

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