How to Wear a Birdcage Veil
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When it comes to wedding veils, there’s one look that is always in fashion. Birdcage veils are a stylish and versatile adornment to any bridal look, whether you’re going for vintage or retro chic, sleek sophistication, or something funkier and more unique for an alternative bride. There’s quite a bit of variety in birdcage veils but generally, they are worn just covering the eyes or extending down to chin length. On the whole, birdcage veils are easy and comfortable to wear, but as wedding hair stylists, we find that brides often have a lot of questions. So here are the answers you need – as well as some gorgeous birdcage inspiration from the Make Me Bridal pros!

How to Wear a Birdcage Veil
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What are the different kinds of birdcage veil?

Birdcage veils come in three main sizes. The shortest go up to around 9 inches and skim the eyebrows or down to the nose. The second are longer – usually 12-18 inches (chin length). Both of these can be worn straight down or at an angle. The third is the bandeau veil, which stretches across the eyes and is secured behind each ear. Birdcage veils are available as an integral part of a design (for example, attached to a headband or hairpiece) or as a veil on its own with no added embellishment.

How to Wear a Birdcage Veil
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Which hairstyles are better suited to a birdcage veil?

A birdcage veil can be worn with a variety of hairstyles. One of the most popular options is to wear it with an updo or ponytail – those that are placed at the nape of the neck often look best. Updos are also often the easiest to secure. However, you can also wear a birdcage veil with your hair down. A headband with veil attached is a good option here or a hair comb positioned on the side of the head for an asymmetrical look. Finally, short hair is also a good option, especially a pretty pixie or a retro bob. Again, a headband is often a good option here.

How to Wear a Birdcage Veil
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How do I secure a birdcage veil so it stays put?

Most birdcage veils come with a comb. Position this and slide it into the hair. Ensure the netting is not caught in the teeth of the comb as it may distort the shape. Secure the comb using bobby pins that are similar in colour to your hair, threaded through one or two of the net diamonds. If your veil doesn’t have a comb, use extra hair pins. Once the veil is secured, be sure that you are comfortable and happy with the placement. If you are uncomfortable, it will likely only get worse as the day goes on.

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How can I make sure my birdcage veil will suit my wedding dress?

It’s important to ensure that the style and colour of your birdcage veil suits your wedding dress. Try it on at a dress fitting so that you can see if you’re happy with the overall look. And remember, you should also bring your veil along to your wedding hair trial. (If you can book both on the same day, all the better!)

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Should I wear my birdcage veil throughout the wedding day?

It’s really up to you. Many brides choose to wear their veil for the ceremony and portrait shoot but take it off for the reception, while others wear it all night long. As long as you’re comfortable, there are no rules. If you’re wearing a longer birdcage veil, one tip is to tuck the veil back inside itself (not backwards, but towards your face) and pin it to create a shorter version of the veil that isn’t in your eyes. Another tip is, if you do take your birdcage veil off, to have some hairspray close at hand. Larger netting can catch on your hair and create frizz, so you’ll want to smooth that out again.

How to Wear a Birdcage Veil
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How to Wear a Birdcage Veil
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I wear glasses. Can I still wear a wedding veil?

Absolutely! However, you may need to look at the weight of the netting to make sure that it looks good with the style of glasses that you have. If possible, try on a few birdcage veils and see which looks and fits best.

How to Wear a Birdcage Veil
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Still got questions? If you need any help determining what is best for your bridal look, be sure to talk to your bridal hair stylist. (And if you don’t already have one booked, you can find one in your area using our directory!)

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