Vintage-inspired Wedding Hairstyles
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Are you the sort of girl who feels like she was born in the wrong era?

Maybe you have a love of all things retro or are drawn to a specific decade like the roaring ‘20s or the swinging ‘60s.

Or maybe you just love the sheer glamour of Hollywood screen sirens like Marilyn Monroe, Veronica Lake, or Audrey Hepburn, and want to bring a bit of that drama and elegance to your bridal look.

Whatever the reason you might look to the past for wedding hairstyle inspiration, we have plenty of gorgeous styles created by the Make Me Bridal pros to draw ideas from.


Our Top 10 Vintage Wedding Hairstyles for You to Showcase on Your Big Day!


The key to the look is to draw on the styles of the past without sticking to them religiously, which can end up more fancy-dress-party than fabulous. Scroll on for 10 vintage-inspired wedding hairstyles that got the balance just right!


Vintage-inspired Wedding Hairstyles
Make Me Bridal Pro: Lily of the Valley hair design


1. Vintage 1920's Wedding Hair

To recreate some 1920s Gatsby glamour and bring it into the modern era, opt for a soft updo with strong waves that recalls the original look, but in a soft, romantic way that’s perfect for bridal. A vintage (or vintage style) accessory is the perfect finishing touch.


Vintage-inspired Wedding Hairstyles
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Make Me Bridal Pro: Hair That Turns Heads


2. 1940's Vintage Wedding Hair Victory Rolls

1940s hair was all about big curls, especially the so-called ‘victory rolls’ made popular by pin-up girls of the era. These voluminous twists of hair were worn either on top of the head or framing the face. Here, victory rolls paired with loose curls create a polished modern bridal take on the 1940s style.


Vintage-inspired Wedding Hairstyles
Image credit: Rebecca Douglas
Make Me Bridal Pro: Carolanne Armstrong Hair and Makeup


3. Wedding Hairstyles from the 1960's

Volume was key in the 1960s, with the sky-high beehive one of the most iconic looks of the decade. But you don’t have to be tied to one era. Here a chic retro beehive is combined with an Art Deco-style accessory and gown for a playful but timeless bridal look that draws on the best of the past while also looking effortlessly modern.


You can find more 1960s bridal hair and makeup inspiration here.


Vintage-inspired Wedding Hairstyles
Make Me Bridal Pro: Katy Djokic - Wedding Hair & Makeup


4. Hollywood Waves Wedding Hair

Hollywood waves are another classic bridal hairstyle that looks gorgeous on a variety of hair lengths and textures. If you want to wear your hair down but still look super glam then this is the way to go! A deep side parting and a chic hairpin or veil complete the look, which should hold its style all day long.


Vintage-inspired Wedding Hairstyles
Image credit: Tony Pullen
Make Me Bridal Pro: Hair by Hare


5. Retro Fench Roll

Add a few retro elements to turn a basic updo into a statement style. This French roll is taken to the next level with pin curls and a bold roll. Perfect for a true rock ‘n roll bride!


Vintage-inspired Wedding Hairstyles
Image credit: David Christopher Photography
Make Me Bridal Pro: Quelle Bester


6. Vintage Afro Styling

The Afro is another iconic vintage hairstyle from the late 1960s and 1970s that has been repopularised by modern style icons like Solange Knowles, who rocked a ’fro at her wedding in 2014. It’s always a great option for brides who want to wear their natural hair on their big day.


Vintage-inspired Wedding Hairstyles
Make Me Bridal Pro: CJ Beauty & Co


7. Classic Gibson Bridal hair

The Gibson Girl was an early 20th-century standard for feminine beauty, named after Charles Dana Gibson, whose illustrations for Life Magazine were widely emulated by Edwardian women. This modern take on a Gibson Tuck is chic and romantic – perfect for a 21st-century bride!


Vintage-inspired Wedding Hairstyles
Image credit: Sarah Vivian
Make Me Bridal Pro: The Hairbook


8. 1920's Bridal Bob Updo

Here’s some more gorgeous 1920s bridal inspiration with a bob-length updo, finger waves, and a deep red lip. The statement celestial headpiece is the perfect finishing touch, making the look both classic and contemporary!


Image credit: Popsicle Photography
Make Me Bridal Pro: Nicola Jane Makeup Artist


9. 1950's Classic Side Part

For some mid-century vintage glamour, take inspiration from this sweet styling, which included a classic 1950s side part and chignon updo paired with fire engine red lipstick. So fabulous!


short bridal hairstyle vintage curls
Image credit: Louise Bjorling
Make Me Bridal Pro: Hair That Turns Heads


10. Classic Birdcage Veil

A birdcage veil is always a great addition to any vintage style wedding ’do, whether you wear your hair down or up, loose or tightly coiffed. Here it makes the perfect finishing touch to pin curled shorter hair with a deep side parting that accentuates the vintage hairclip holding the veil in place!


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