Bridal Party Makeup
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Getting your Bridal Party Makeup sorted out can be a nightmare!
Whether you’re planning to have a bevy of beautiful bridesmaids following you down the aisle, or just one or two of your best girls, there’s no doubt that the bridal party plays an important role on your wedding day.

They’re going to be in the spotlight, as well as dozens of photographs, and you want them looking their best. And it isn’t just about their gowns – you’ll want to make sure that their hair and makeup is on point as well. But how do you go about creating a cohesive makeup look for your bridal party? And how can you make sure that you still stand out?

Bridal Party Makeup
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Planning Your Wedding Party Makeup for the Big Day

Considering a bridal makeup trial is essential when you're approaching your wedding. This is your opportunity to experiment with different styles to ensure your makeup complements your wedding theme and achieves a cohesive look. Schedule your trial 3-5 weeks before your wedding to allow time for adjustments and see how the makeup holds up over several hours.

The most important thing is to give your bridesmaids’ look some thought beforehand. Whether hiring a professional bridal makeup artist for your whole crew or having your girls take care of their makeup themselves, it’s important to coordinate beforehand. Ask your makeup pro for advice, and look at blogs and Pinterest to find examples of looks you love.

professional makeup artist can craft the overall look you're aiming for, whether it's a natural makeup look or something more glamorous. Be sure to discuss your personal preferences and consider the makeup for other key members of the bridal party such as the mother of the bride and bridesmaids.

Here's a quick checklist for planning:

  • Makeup Stylists: Research and book early, as the best artists often have packed schedules.
  • Makeup Trial: Factor in this cost, which can vary depending on the artist's experience and location.
  • Travel Fee: Some artists charge a fee for travelling to your venue. Confirm this beforehand.
  • Getting Ready Time: Allow sufficient time for you and potentially for a large bridal party.

Remember, your big day will be long and photographed from every angle, so think about the durability of your makeup. For extra time, a small kit for touch-ups can be a lifesaver.

Bridal Party Makeup
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10 Makeup Tips to Make Sure Your Bridal Party Looks Amazing!

On your special day, it's crucial to ensure that the makeup for you and your bridal party not only looks stunning but also lasts from the ceremony to the final dance. Let's focus on achieving that perfect wedding day glow.

1. Considering Makeup for the Entire Bridal Party

Ensure consistency and harmony in your bridal party's appearance by selecting a coherent style suited for every member. Consider whether you'll choose a uniform look or allow individual preferences within a certain palette.

Think coordinated rather than matchy. You want your bridesmaids to look great together as a group, but they may have very different features and skin tones, and may not suit the same makeup colours. In the same way as many modern brides opt for mismatched bridesmaid dresses, you can have slight differences in styling that still work together as a whole. For example, have your makeup artist choose between two similar lipstick shades for all the girls (with a bolder complementary colour for you).

2. Personalising Makeup for Key Family Members

It’s a nice touch to personalise makeup for close family members, ensuring the look complements their outfits and the wedding theme. Think dewy skin for mum's mature complexion or a natural glow for your sister's maid of honour look.

Stand out from the crowd. While the bridal hair and makeup should work well with the bridesmaids’, it should still stand out from the crowd. After all, this is your moment to shine! There are lots of ways to achieve this. For example, dramatic faux lashes, a smoky eye, a bold lip, or a touch of sparkle. Your bridesmaids can still rock a similar look – just take it down a few levels.

Bridesmaids Makeup
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3. Scheduling Trials and Day-Of Timings

Arrange trial sessions well in advance, and plan the wedding day schedule to include ample time for makeup applications, allowing for touch-ups and travel time if you are getting ready at a hotel.

When in doubt, try it out. Whatever choices you make for the bridal party’s makeup, be sure to consider how they will look in photographs. And if you’re not sure, test it. A hair and makeup trial is important for the bride, but you can arrange one for the bridesmaids as well. Or, if they’re handling their own, simply arrange for them to meet you after your trial all glammed up and ready to go. Even better, make a girls’ night out of it!

4. Coordinating with the Wedding Theme

Your makeup should reflect the style of the wedding. Boho weddings may call for a soft look, while a winter wedding might inspire a more dramatic style like smoky eyes or a pop of colour to add warmth.

Take the wedding theme and location into account. It’s not just you and each other that the party's looks must complement. It’s also important that what they wear and their hair and makeup look good in the context of the wedding itself. Factors like formality, theme, colours, and season will come into play, as well as any practical considerations like heat and humidity. 

5. Budgeting for Beauty Services

Consider the costs for professional makeup services early on. Factor in final payments, potential travel time, and whether you'll need to provide hotel accommodation for the makeup artist. You don't want to end up doing your own makeup on the big day!

Bridesmaids Makeup
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6. Choosing the Right Makeup Artist

Take time to find a makeup artist whose work you admire and who understands your vision. Check portfolios for brides with similar skin tone or features like blue eyes to gauge how they might enhance your best assets.

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7. Ensuring a Long-Lasting Look

For makeup that lasts, options include full-coverage foundation or airbrush makeup. Don't forget to discuss skin prep and whether setting powder or sprays will be used to maintain that perfect makeup through the night.

8. Makeup That Complements the Venue and Season

Consider how your venue and the season influence your makeup choices. An outdoor summer wedding may call for lighter, sweat-proof makeup, while an indoor event can allow for more dramatic looks. Have a look online for photos of the venue, and maybe even past weddings to get inspiration.

Bridesmaids Makeup
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9. Highlighting Individual Features

Ask your makeup artist to highlight your features, like accentuating rosy cheeks or creating the illusion of bigger blue eyes, to ensure you look your best on your wedding day. Makeup should be unique for every person in your party.

10. The Finishing Touches Before Walking Down the Aisle

Right before the ceremony, have a bridesmaid on hand with a portable makeup chair for quick touch-ups on lipstick or powder. This ensures you are picture-perfect as you walk down the aisle. Everything leads up to this moment, so make sure you get it right!

Bridesmaids Makeup
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Finally On... Creating a Cohesive Bridal Party Makeup Look

Achieving the perfect wedding party makeup revolves around balancing your personal style with techniques that ensure durability and elegance throughout the day.

  • Remember to highlight your eyes using complementary shades like peach or bronze to enhance blue eyes or greys and navys for a smokey effect. A touch of champagne in the inner corners can make your eyes truly sparkle.
  • For your lips, consider a stain approach for longevity. Gently tapping a red lipstick onto your lips can create a more natural, lasting look. Lock in the colour with a dusting of powder or a lip primer.
  • Let your skin breathe and glow by applying foundation sparingly. You can always build coverage where needed without masking your natural complexion.
  • Finally, planning and preparation are your allies. Test looks well in advance and secure your makeup artist early, if you’re not going the DIY route. This way, you'll avoid last-minute stress and ensure a seamless beauty experience on your special day.

Your bridal party makeup is more than just products and techniques; it expresses your most radiant self. Keep these tips in mind, remember to smile, and you’ll surely look as splendid as you feel!

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