Bridesmaid Makeup Tips and Ideas
Make Me Bridal Pro: Keri Clark Hair and Makeup

Being a bridesmaid is such an exciting time, from planning the shower to helping the bride pick out the outfit, shoes, and accessories that you’ll wear. But don’t forget to factor bridesmaid makeup and hair into the equation! It’s an important part of ensuring a cohesive look for the bridal party and ensuring that each of the girls looks and feels amazing. Whether you’re having a professional makeup artist for both bride and bridesmaids or the girls will be DIY-ing their beauty, it’s important that the bride and her squad are on the same page about which look they’ll be rocking on the big day. Read on for our top bridesmaid makeup tips as well as some stunning bridesmaid makeup inspiration and ideas from the Make Me Bridal Pro Artists!

Bridesmaid Makeup Tips and Ideas
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Be clear about who will pay for a professional makeup artist. It’s a lovely treat for the bride to pay for a professional hair and makeup artist for her bridesmaids (and possibly her mum and mother-in-law too). However, it’s not essential wedding etiquette to do so. Especially if budget is a factor, the bride may prefer to just have a pro to do her own hair and makeup. However, if the bride does hire a professional (or a team), it’s important to communicate expectations clearly with the bridesmaids to avoid a nasty surprise on the day. Give them the choice of opting in or doing their own makeup. If you’re a bridesmaid on the fence about paying for professional makeup application, consider that not only will they be using professional products and tools, ensuring you look great all day, but they can also help to make the whole experience less stressful and more relaxing and fun. And who doesn’t deserve to be pampered once in a while?

Bridesmaid Makeup Tips and Ideas
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Choose bridesmaid makeup that works with the wedding theme, palette and season. In the same way as you’ll choose bridesmaid dresses and accessories that work with the venue and theme, you should consider the wedding as a whole when choosing bridesmaid makeup. For example, if it’s an extravagant black tie affair, bridesmaid makeup should be heavier and more glamorous than for a pared back boho bash. The colours of the dresses will also play a factor, but don’t try to be too matchy-matchy. Think complementary shades and pops of colour instead.

Bridesmaid Makeup Tips and Ideas
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Don’t outshine the bride. The bridesmaids should look fabulous, but there’s no question that the bride should be the star of the show. So take your queue from her choices. Opting for soft, natural makeup is one of the best ways to ensure your makeup doesn’t compete for attention. So unless you have a fashionista bride who has specified a bold on-trend (or vintage) look, when in doubt, opt for something understated.

Bridesmaid Makeup Tips and Ideas
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Match the bridesmaid makeup to their individual features and skin tone. While it’s important for the bridal party to look cohesive, their makeup absolutely does not need to match exactly. It’s almost impossible to find a single look or lipstick, for example, that will suit a range of skin tones. Instead, trust your professional makeup artist to style each of the girls slightly differently so that they each look amazing as an individual and as part of the group.

Bridesmaid Makeup Tips and Ideas
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Plan your getting ready outfits carefully. One of the reasons that many brides choose to gift their squad with pretty robes (apart from the fact that they look adorable in photos) is that it’s easy to take them off without smudging your makeup. If you’re choosing your own outfit for the morning of the wedding, wear one that you don’t have to pull over your head.

Bridesmaid Makeup Tips and Ideas
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Make sure there is enough time and space for bridesmaids’ makeup. Whether you’re using a pro for bridesmaid makeup or not, it’s important to factor enough time into the wedding day schedule for everyone to get ready. It’s also important to ensure that there’s enough space in the bridal suite (or wherever you’re getting ready), including mirror space and areas with good natural light.

Bridesmaid Makeup Tips and Ideas
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Use long-lasting makeup formulas. It’s not just the bride who tends to shed a few happy tears! You’ll want bridesmaid makeup that lasts all the way through from ceremony to dance floor, and looks amazing in lots and lots of photographs. So be sure to opt for makeup formulas that last and to prep skin properly before application. Primers and setting sprays will also help to maintain a look.

Bridesmaid Makeup Tips and Ideas
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Make Me Bridal Pro: Makeup by Fi Farrelly

Bring along a photo reference or two. Whether you’re working with a pro or doing it yourself, it’s a good idea to have a picture or two to use as a reference for the makeup look you want to achieve. You’ll find lots more in our gallery!

Bridesmaid Makeup Tips and Ideas
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