Bridal makeup products for your wedding day - Image courtesy of Unsplash #bridalmakeup #weddingdaytips #bridemakeuptips

You're getting married, the countdown has begun and it is only a matter of days until you walk the aisle! Now is the time to start packing your bridal makeup bag, with just the essentials for your big day. So what products should you be packing? Our PRO ARTISTS have years of experience getting brides ready for their big day so read the below to find out their top tips and useful advice on how to keep brides looking their beautiful best.

Lip Colour

Your bridal lipstick makes a perfect finishing touch to your wedding day look. Whether you choose a matte lipstick, hydrating gloss, or tinted lip balm, this will need topping up on the big day. We recommend re-applying some colour before you get in the bridal car, before your wedding photos and once again after the wedding breakfast.
'Every bride needs their perfect lip colour. A lot of my brides have been opting for a more nude option like Charlotte Tilbury's Bitch Perfect or Pillow Talk'
- Chrys Chapman,


Get the bridal glow with a good concealer - image courtesy of Unsplash #concealer #bridalglow #flawless #weddingday #topmakeuptips

Concealer is a brides best friend. Whether you have perfect skin that needs just a little colour correction, dark under eye circles, or stressed out and blemished skin, a good quality long lasting concealer will brighten and freshen up your bridal glow. You may need to touch up under your eyes and nose if you thinks tears will be making an appearance on your special day and whilst a professional makeup artist can apply beautiful makeup to last all day, it is always handy to keep a concealer nearby for on-the-spot emergencies.
'Delilah's Take Cover Concealer' is a great easy to use touch up cover up that can be used under the eyes to brighten, or on blemishes if you wake up with a few pesky spots on your big day.'
- Melissa Clare,

Powder / Blotting paper


Blotting papers are an absolute must-have for touch ups throughout the wedding day. 1 pack is small enough to keep in your purse and can serve your whole bridal party. We love the Shiseido Pureness Oil Control Blotting Papers,  a quick dab will lift away excess oil without smudging your makeup. Try the Chanel Papier Matifiant Oil Control Tisses if you feel like spoiling yourself or treating your bridesmaids to a thank you present! Next set your oil free skin with a dab of finishing powder and your good to go.
'Blotting papers will take away the oils before powdering skin. This makes sure there is no added texture build up'
- Raquel Bester,

Setting Spray

Looking for that ultimate bridal glow or worried about your face becoming an oil slick by 5pm? Setting sprays come in many different skin type finishes so choose the right one for you and lock that bridal look into place. We love the Mario Badescu Facial Sprays to set your makeup, with an 3 different formulas to suit different skin types, rosewater for hydration/radiance, chamomile/lavender to calm and soothe, and aloe vera/cucumber to keep things cool and refreshed! Setting spray can be re-applied throughout the day to boost the skin and give you an energising pick me up.
'The Glamglow Glowsetter spray gives brides a final boost of radiance to keep skin smooth and hydrated all day long'
- Sally Malcom,

Hair Grips

Wedding day Hair tips for bridal hairstyles - Image courtesy of Unsplash #weddingday #bridalhair #toptips #weddingupdos

Wedding hair updos come in many different styles. A professional bridal hairstylist will use carefully applied hair grips to hold together these beautiful updos so that they last long into the evening. These days, many brides are opting for softer styles with movement, loose strands and wisps. With these styles it should be expected that some extra strands may loosen by the end of the day and you will be thankful to swiftly pop in that extra hair grip!
'Spare hair grips are a must have for your bridal makeup bag on the big day. Hugging, dancing and veil removal can dislodge the odd piece of hair so having them on hand will fix anything out of place. They can also be useful with tricky zips and buttoned up bridal dresses'
- Helen Willis,