Bride and bridesmaids holding flowers. Photography: Ross Hurley Photography | Makeup: Flame Beauty

When it comes to your wedding day makeup, what’s probably most important is that you look like you. The best and freshest version of you, with a flawless complexion and that distinctive bridal glow, yes, but still you! After all, that’s who your partner fell in love with, and you don’t want someone they don’t recognise walking down the aisle. Glowing, natural bridal makeup can be the best way to enhance your natural beauty and make you feel gorgeous all day long. So how do you achieve a natural bridal look? We asked the pro makeup artists on Make Me Bridal to share their top tips!

Start With Skincare

The first step to flawless natural bridal makeup should actually start at least three months before the big day, with a good skincare regime. Hayley of Flame Beauty in Dartford, Kent, agrees: “A good skincare routine is imperative, so cleanse, tone, and moisturise regularly with a minimum weekly exfoliation to get the skin in tip top condition, alongside drinking lots of water. This also helps to keep the makeup looking natural and fresh, giving a flawless base.”

On the wedding day, South Yorkshire hair and makeup artist Julia Jeckyll recommends the following pre-makeup routine. “Firstly cleanse and prepare the skin according to your skin type. Moisturising is a key step, as a good canvas will help make-up products glide on and last longer. If your skin is dry, go for something rich and hydrating. If it is oily or combination, I highly recommend Dermalogica's Active Moist which controls oil and also hydrates dry areas, acting as a first step primer. Massage well into the skin, bringing the blood to the surface for a natural glow.”

Choose the Right Primer

With everything happening on a wedding day, a good primer is an absolute must, but it’s important to choose one that suits your skin. Berkshire hair and makeup artist Melissa Clare tells us: “Choosing a good base can be an effective way of reducing the amount of foundation you need. A brightening primer for a dull complexion can work wonders! I love BECCA First Light Priming Filter, as it makes you look like you’ve had a great sleep, even if you haven’t!”

Hayley of Flame Beauty adds: “Bridal makeup is layered to make it last, and alongside high quality products this works the best. A good primer as a base aids with making it last all day as well as a setting spray (my current favourite is Iconic London’s Prep-Set-Glow.”

Only Cover What Needs Coverage

For a truly natural look, use a light hand with foundation and concealer. Skin should look like skin, not like makeup. Only cover the areas that need it rather than caking your makeup on. Let your skin breathe! Hampshire wedding hair and makeup artist Katy Djokic follows this principle: “For natural looking makeup I use as little product as possible on the skin, nothing too powdery, a sheer foundation, and minimal translucent powder. I also like to add some liquid illuminator to the foundation to give the skin a natural glow.”

Pipa from BEYOU Weddings in Ashford, Kent, reaches for one of her favourite products to achieve this: “I love to use MAC Face and Body Foundation or similar, (which is lovely and light all over) to correct, and then a fuller coverage concealer in areas of concern. That way the skin still looks beautifully like skin.”

Remember that some foundations are best applied with fingers, some with brushes, and some beauty blenders, so try out these different methods and see what works best for you.

Add a Healthy Glow

Less is definitely more when it comes to natural bridal makeup, but blush can help to enhance that beautiful bridal glow. Julia Jeckyll advises: “On cheeks, apply a cream blush in a soft rose pink and blend with fingers into the apples of the cheeks and outwards towards the hairline. On lips, use nude pink matt lipstick to finish.”

Katy Djokic opts for a stain blush: “It works really well as it lasts all day and looks like part of the skin.”

Keep Eyes Understated

Eye makeup should look natural, while still enhancing your natural beauty. Julia Jeckyll suggests: “Prepare the eyelids with an eye shadow primer base for longlasting eyeshadow. Then apply a neutral matte eye shadow all over the lid. Taking matte eye shadow shades in soft camel and light brown, softly blend them into the socket line and eyelid to give a ‘tea stained’ look. Then, apply a soft brown waterproof eyeliner and blend into the top lash line, using a few natural individual lashes on the corners for definition. Complete the look with one coat of black waterproof mascara.”

Melissa Clare is also a fan of individual lashes for this look: “I would recommend a couple of individual lashes to perk up the eyes and make them stand out in your bridal photos.” You’ll be amazed at how they really wake up your look!

Keep It Fresh

Julia Jeckyll also has a few tips for keeping your natural bridal makeup in place: “To ensure it lasts all day, finish with another light top up of powder where needed and a last spritz of fix spray. Ask a bridesmaid to assist you with carrying a small kit to include cotton buds, lipstick and face powder for you to top up throughout the day.”

And speaking of bridesmaids, don’t forget to give your girls a complementary look! Natural hair and makeup for the bridal party will continue the fresh vibe and make everything look cohesive.

Are you opting for natural bridal makeup on your big day?

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